George Zeigler
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New Product Launch

La Colombe

New Product Launch + Brand Expansion

Coffee is part of the American experience.
It’s who we are. America deserves better coffee.
— Todd Carmichael, CEO

I worked directly with La Colombe Coffee Roasters to prepare a comprehensive
strategy and marketing plan for the national release of Draft Latte.
This is a snapshot of the research + creative work performed.


Help us position the next generation of La Colombe coffee, the Draft Latte, to become .

Coffee culture in America comes in waves.

Coffee used to be a pot of Folger's in the morning. Thanks much to Starbucks, coffee catapulted from a functional necessity to a cherished social ritual. Now, independent coffee shops have raised the craft of coffee to an art, while turning the cafe into a product innovation lab.

For a long time, cold coffee at retail has been an afterthought. Bring the appreciation for excellent coffee into a portable format.

The key to unlocking the next wave of coffee is in translating the artisanship of coffee into an on-demand, on-the-go format. 

Draft Latte is uniquely positioned to lead this transformation.

Emancipate the latte from the confines of the cafe,
revolutionizing the perception of a cold latte.

creative concept.
Texture means everything


here's what I did.

  • quant & qual research
  • brand culture analysis
  • consumer culture audit
  • coffee market segmentation
  • new brand vision, strategy + messaging
  • product positioning
  • launch strategy
  • creative campaign tactics
  • partnership recommendations
  • business forecasting