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Good design is as little design as possible.
— Dieter Rams

Designs that inspire & represent the Dwell Brand

the challenge.
Design a product for Dwell that exemplifies the characteristics of the brand and its core user base.

Dwell does not produce its own household products. Designing any new product under the Dwell name would create a new brand extension.

the brand.
A contemporary architecture and furniture publication known for its modern aesthetic. 

Dwell's online store curates and sells furniture and designed products from a range of midcentury icons to up-and-coming designers.

Dwell's readership is an eclectic combination
of design enthusiasts and professional designers.

Regardless of experience or acumen, the average reader looks to Dwell as a style authority.
They place value on domestic spaces and objects as the bedrock of their lifestyle. 

Dwell is the style guide to modern domestic identity.

Shape domestic identity at the start of each day.  

Goal | Build positive interaction around the most important meal of the day: Breakfast.

Rationale | In the modern home, the kitchen is a place for families to gather and enjoy spending scarce time with one another. And breakfast is the most common denominator to bring them all together. Kitchens are also a first priority investment when remodeling a home.

Dwell Toaster | A warm introduction into homeware.

Simply designed, artfully innovated.

Modernism is an approach to design that values simplicity, transparency in material and function, and intuitive interaction. At its best, modernism makes a positive human connection between an object and its user.

design features.


All-in-one control dial

lowers the toast and helps users intuitively visualize cooking time.

Ceramic heating technology

(commonly used in hair dryers) produces a quicker and more even cook.

Ceramic warming plate

keeps finished toast 'toasty' while additional slices are prepared.

Oscillating ring

inspired by the soothing drone of a Tibetan singing bowl, alerts the user when a toast cycle is complete.

my role.

Culture audit
Design strategy
Product design + rendering
Product positioning