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Brand Resuscitation

Brand Revitalization

Nothing cleans steel better than steel
— Kyle, metalsmith

Revitalize a dying household brand, while
breathing life back into a sterile category.

Once a versatile and popular cleaning tool, Brillo has long been neglected. The kitchen landscape is evolving as people prioritize more convenient cooking equipment and more specialized or expedient cleaning tools. As such, consumers are reaching for the Brillo box less often.

As 'Kleenex' is to tissue, 'Brillo pad' is synonymous with deep cleaning. Although needs in the kitchen have changed, there are whole industries which rely on its basic element: steel wool.

Brillo has reached a critical crossroads.

-   kitchen functionality
+   heavy industry uses
+   tons of DIY use hacks
=  no longer a kitchen staple, Brillo is a flexible tool

brand strategy.
Return Brillo to its roots by focusing on its function as a flexible tool.

To deliver the message,
we’ll celebrate the true fanatics of Brillo: 
those that live to work.


Brillo Manifesto Video

Campaign Concept.
'Defined by Doing'

The work is a time for reflection.
It’s what gives us a sense of self.

Campaign messaging is crafted to embody the values
of those who take pride in the process of their work.

kitchen professional.png

Core | makers

From the inventor to the fine cabinetmaker, steel wool is integral to achieving a quality end result.

tool preferences:
controlled, finer, consistent

Secondary | kitchen professionals

A chef's standards are unparalleled, and that extends to keeping the tools of the trade in ship shape.

tool preferences:
durable, comprehensive, quick

Tailor Brillo to meet the diverse and demanding needs of its core users.

Improvement | Offer a selection of sizes and grits, customizable to specific tasks.

Current | Brillo comes in a one-size-fits all format

in-store distribution.
Shift Brillo from the cleaning aisle to the tool aisle. 

Long ago, Brillo was first to bring industrial steel wool to the consumer marketplace. Brillo can reclaim its ownership of steel wool, while bringing a household name into an otherwise generic market space.

Placement | cleaning tools are traditionally placed adjacent to the dry goods aisle in grocery stores. In hardware + big box superstores, Brillo becomes a crossover tool, living in the tool aisle.

Interactive end cap | A physical testing station + digital display teaches users about the versatility of the expanded Brillo product line, while helping users chose the right combination of size and grit for the job.

e-commerce distribution.
An updated brand website conveys the new brand voice,
and provides a platform for purchasing Brillo online.


Here's how the ecosystem works:


Making Brillo purchases simple and expedient for professional use is top priority.

User journey: 'makers' online purchase habits

User journey: 'makers' online purchase habits


Brillo Subscriptions

Insight | Bulk buying and repeat orders are common among disposable tool purchases online.

Solve | Customizable subscriptions let users customize the product and frequency of delivery.

Amazon payments

Utilizing the new payments API to integrate checkout through Amazon's massive customer database -

so doers can shop less and do more.

Subscription gifts

By linking new product beta-testing through the subscription service, Brillo can strengthen the R&D process to meet real consumer needs -

putting new products in the hands of its most passionate user base.

Amazon brand page

A Brillo product landing page provides a mainstream point of purchase, with a link to the Brillo subscription page for further customization -

doers searching for Red Bull or ear plugs on Amazon would be targeted to the Brillo brand page. 

Campaign Activation

Brillo demonstrates it's campaign promise by getting the product into active hands.
It's an affirmation that we practice what we preach.

Brillo DO|OP

The maker movement is fed by a desire to bring value back to the things we produce and consume.
And if there’s any place in America that understands what hard work is about — it’s Detroit.

Why are we doing this?
By supporting the maker movement, we are not only promoting our product’s function, but the mindset of those who endorse it.

What is it?
The Do-op is a fully stocked, community maker space with access to tools, equipment, and ample space to make or just do. 


Brillo Task Force

They’re not just the new face of Brillo. They’re taking our manifesto to action.
Each Task Force member will receive free subscription access to the full line of Brillo tools.
In return, we ask that they produce Instagram content showcasing its use through their own process of doing.

Macro | Media Partners

Industrious and creative media outlets who have active Instagram following, and focus on the process of making.

Micro | Maker Fanatics

Stephen is a UConn engineering student and inventor. He can shoot flames from his bionic arm, but won't turn his nose to the simpler tools of the trade.

The Scouring Squad is:

Jeff B Tune | Copywriting
Caitlin Blumer | Strategy
Maria Kouninski | Art Direction
Beth Hughes | Art Direction
Xia Du | Experience Design

My Contributions:

Brand audit
Competitive analysis
Market segmentation
Brand strategy
Qualitative consumer research
Concept development