George Zeigler
Brand + Design Strategy Portfolio




Quick background:

Graduated with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012

Completed a Master of Science in
'Creative Brand Management' at the VCU Brandcenter in 2017

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My story

I was destined to be a great architect. At least, that was the vision I had planned early in life. As a product of the 90s, I was schooled in the disciplines of Sim City and Lego. The invisible hand of Design had a pervasive influence on the way I looked at the world — I could turn a den into an impenetrable fortress with only a bundle of bedsheets and an encyclopedia set. A creek bed became a busy shipyard for a fleet of small yet sturdy watercraft. 

I followed curiosity by hand, perfecting my craft through art school and into profession. But life has a funny way of shifting priorities with experience. The one thing that has been constant is I've always sought ways to connect great ideas with people, whether that comes in the form of a tangible interaction with an object that inspires joy, or of a simple plan, strategically executed. 

I know I am at my best in the presence of brilliant peers. That's where the Brandcenter has taught me a thousandfold: the power of humility, trust, and collective creativity. As a Creative Brand Manager, I balance an appetite for strategy, a thirst for big, creative ideas, and a patient palate to bring it all together.

Photo credit | Chet Strange

Photo credit | Chet Strange